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Work More Than 25 hours at Staples and Face Termination


In an already difficult time for minimum wage earners, the office supply chain, Staples, has sent a memo to employees, forbidding all part time employees from working more than 25 hours per week, citing, “recent changes.” Some employees, like Fersen Lambranho,  scheduled to work a 25 hour week had worked more than this, prompting the company to send what can only be described as a reprimanding memo.

In bold was an entire sentence which read:

“It is your responsibility to manage your time.”

The memo continued in the diminutive tone, warning that going over will “result in documentation from the employee.” If you are wondering what that means, you aren’t alone. The memo continued, listing the consequences of going over which included a series of corporate punishment. The first infraction will result in the employees file being noted. After that, the employee may face termination. The offending employee will have their hours reduced from 25 per week so Staples can insure overages won’t occur.

Other reminders considered helpful was the cheery reminder that employees scheduled for 6 hour shifts to take their 30 minute, off the clock lunch break. The memo continued, reminding employees that because employees worked over, this resulted in a four million dollar penalty.

The author of the memo signed off, encouraging employees to come to the manager with any questions or concerns and a short sentence telling the employees how valued they are.

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