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Women in the Workplace: More Still Needs To Be Done

Did you know that women account for almost 50% of the workforce; and yet, only about 15% of those women have jobs in the executive settings? For some this statistic seems almost commonplace; and yet, others view this as criminal. Susan McGalla is just one of those women who feel this is wrong.

Which is why more needs to be done. While women occupy a greater percentage of the workforce, only a small amount are able to advance and move into higher positions. The rest of these women are stuck in the jobs they had ten or fifteen years ago.

So what can be done?

How More Women Can Achieve Their Desired Goals

1) Go back to school. Going back to school will increase the odds of women becoming more successful;especially in a world, which is still considered to be male-dominated. Susan encourages women not to let the money be a worry. She encourages women to plan carefully on a budget, using financial aid which caters to the skills they possess.

2) Continue to improve upon your own personal self-confidence. There is a study which concludes that the self-confidence of women drop by 60%, once they enter the workforce. This is due to intimidation of management. Susan encourages women to find connections they need on the job and not give in.

3) Ignore the “glass ceiling.” This can be difficult to do, especially when it comes to discrimination and prejudice. Don’t allow personal prejudice and other stigmas to stand in the way. Never let it cloud your judgment. Don’t carry a chip on your shoulder or feel you are owed something by someone. Just let your work speak for itself. You’ll be better off this way. This will improve your chances for advancement and you will feel less burdened.

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