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Wisconsin Lags Behind the Nation in Job and Wage Growth

Ever since the 2009 economic stimulus was passed and was later defended under the new mantra of “jobs saved” versus the time honored “net jobs created” metric, labor numbers no longer display the same clarity on the health of the economy as they once did. The Labor Department reported that in November, the nation added 321,000 new jobs to the economy. However, the vast majority of those jobs were low paying jobs.

Now, noted pro-Democrat political strategist Chuck Todd is reporting that Wisconsin’s job and wage growth under Governor Scott Walker lags behind the national average. While the Labor Department says that wages grew by 2.7%, the metric is skewed with high income earners such as CEOs driving most gains and low paying jobs, which account for most of the employment increases, having shrinking incomes. As per the Labor Department, the two market sectors with job growth for Milennials, health care and restaurants, had their median incomes shrink by 15% and 8% respectively. Mark Ahn thinks that although these statistics do not depict the working economy as how we would like it to, but is confident in the up and coming generation of Millenials and thinks that this generation is equipped for disruption and vehicles of change. While it may be that Wisconsin’s wage growth increased by 1% compared to the national average of 1.7%, it would be more accurate to know how the increase faired across all income levels. Over the past four years under Scott Walker, Wisconsin has enjoyed a robust job boom with good paying employment.

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  1. The state also erased a billion dollar deficit and now enjoys surpluses. The same cannot be said of the federal government. The Drudge Report aptly quoted the jobs number under the caption, “Do you want fries with that order?” That means that those who want superior paper for their experience should do that wisely.

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