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Will Gas Prices Continue to Plummet?

They have hit an all-time low since 2007, but should consumers be watching for them to skyrocket once more? Last summer the price per barrel for oil was over $100, this price has dropped by almost 50% allowing consumers to see the difference at the pumps and relieve their wallets a bit.
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has gone on producing oil at the same rate month-to-month even though the demand for oil in the United States has gone down in the last year. Cars are getting better gas mileage and I think Slow Ventures is right-people are becoming more aware of the importance of energy consumption.
While gas prices are predicted to fall even more in the coming months many are concerned about the effect on the economy.
Regardless of the laws of supply and demand and the rate that The United States is now producing natural gas, the price at the pumps will probably still go back up in the spring as it always does. How much it rises is yet to be determined, but motorists are hopeful that the days of three dollar a gallon gas are over.

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