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Why Trabuco Bradesco stands out as the best banking executive in Latin America

     South America has some of the largest banking institutions in the world. Some have even made their way to the top-ten list of the largest banks in the world. Despite having an unstable economy for the last few years, these banks have managed to navigate through the tides of uncertainties. There is no doubt that banks closed shop in the wake of these uncertainties. But others, such as the Bradesco bank have passed the test of time to remain relevant more than six decades after their establishment.

Amador Aguiar founded Bradesco bank in 1943where only a few banking institutions existed. Most of these banks were owned by the government and they mostly served civil servants and other high-end clients. The common man had no one to hold their hand in times of financial difficulties. Mr. Amador founded the private bank to serve the forgotten lot in the country. The bank developed tailored banking products for businesspeople, farmers and even the civil servants.

After a few years, other private banks began mushrooming from every corner of the country. Competition became stiff but Bradesco bank managed to stay at the top of the game. Bradesco bank is considered as the pioneer of most of the modern banking products in the country. The bank also had some of the best minds in the banking industry.

They focused on recruiting brilliant, young and industrious staff who would take the bank to the future. It explains why the current chairman joined the bank while he was only seventeen years old. Despite having background training in Philosophy, Trabuco Bradesco grew to become one of the greatest leaders Bradesco bank has ever seen.

Trabuco Bradesco started out as an intern in 1969. He was later promoted to serve as a banking clerk. Trabuco Bradesco obtained most of his tertiary education while working for Bradesco bank. From the first day he joined the bank, Trabuco Bradesco showcased outstanding leadership abilities that have helped to transform the institution to become the second largest in Latin America. Five decades after joining the bank, Trabuco Bradesco now serves as the chairman of the institution, a position he earned after many years of hard work.

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