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Why Roseann Bennett Believes Therapy Dogs Are Essential


Roseann Bennett believes dogs are the best therapy. This isn’t just conjecture, Bennett has over 10 years of experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist and holds the office of president of the northern chapter of the New Jersey Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Bennett cares for clients immensely and never turns anyone away even if they can’t pay for her services. It is this drive to help her clients that led her to innovate dogs as a therapeutic treatment.

During her years in the field, Bennett noticed the hardest part of helping her clients were getting them to lower their guard and trust her. Understanding that opening up to a stranger can be difficult, Bennett decided to try using a therapy dog. Unlike their service dog cousins, therapy dogs are trained to address people emotional needs so they can interact with clients. Roseann Bennett still tries to find other solutions but if a client is particularly struggling she will strategically introduce her therapy dog, Jack.

Dogs like Jack are able to help those with mental disorders like anxiety, autism, and even those suffering from depression. Therapy dogs can make those feeling lonely feel better. In fact, Bennett has seen such success since implementing the “Canine Assisted Therapy” she is advocating that other therapists try it.

Bennett believes, and science has shown that therapy dogs improve a person’s communication by making them feel less alienated and calmer. Furthermore, scientists have seen a correlation between therapy dogs and those that are recovering from an illness or even surgery finding themselves back on their feet at a quicker rate than their peers. See This Article to learn more.


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