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Why Jason Hope is a Role Model in Arizona

5G is the next-generation mobile network. The technology is for the internet users. When compared to the 4G LTE, the speed of 5G networks can go up to 10 times faster. The speed will make communication faster. Also, the fifth-generation network has more computing power than the fourth one, making it the path to the future. The mobile network has led to the expansion of the internet of things and smart technologies application.\

5G networks medical applications attracted the support of an entrepreneur, known as Jason Hope, who gave half a million dollars as a donation to the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) Research Foundation to lead in the research of new age biotechnology. Jason supports the 5G technology and all its medical applications.

Jason was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has a degree in finance that he received from Arizona state University. Also, Jason went to ASU’s W.P Carey Business School and earned an MBA. He is a successful, investor, entrepreneur, and futuristic. Jason wants to give back to his Arizona community through philanthropic efforts, which includes diseases cure and education. He believes that education is the key to everything and it’s a must. He Supports the Anti-aging research done by the SENS Foundation. The research is for finding the cure for diseases that cause human beings to age quickly, breaking down the body. For instance, heart and lung diseases, and Alzheimer’s affects bodily functions.

Jason worked with the Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, which empowers people who are young to reach their full potential as responsible community members, caring, and productive. He also worked with the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, the Tony Hawk Foundation, the Arizona Science Center the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter.

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