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Why Is Kim Dao Leaving Japan?

YouTube in recent years has served as a video content platform for people from all over the world. YouTube allows these content creators to share their ideas, projects, and lifestyles through uploaded videos. Because of the increasing success of the platform, YouTube creators are able to make a full time living from YouTube’s partnership program. One of these YouTubers is known as Kim Dao.


Kim Dao is a successful Youtube star with a fan base of over 340,000 subscribers. In her video content, Kim Dao shares fashion advice for clothing as well as make up advice and tutorials. She also reviews different make up brands on her channel. Kim Dao has three separate YouTube accounts dedicated to different aspects of her life. These channels are named Kim Dao for her main content, KimDaoVlogs for her daily adventures and KimDaoGame for her Let’s Play series. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/kim-dao


In one of her most recent videos, “I’m leaving Japan | Kim Dao” Kim Dao states why she is leaving Japan, where she was currently living. Kim Dao states in the video that she plans to return to her native Australia as she has already purchased her ticket. Her future plans are to travel to other countries such as Europe and South Korea. Kim Dao then states her reason for leaving Japan was that she never intended to stay in Japan permanently. She had only wanted to live abroad as a challenge to herself. Kim Dao then thanks all of her followers for their continued support and asks them to subscribe to her KimDaoVlogs channel to keep up with her new adventures. Learn more here: http://inspirery.com/kim-dao/



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