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Why Companies Need To Embrace AI and Visual Search Technology

Despite all the changes that the Web has undergone over the years, the one thing that has remained constant is the text search boxes. It is the main method of interacting with mobile apps and websites. Social networks such as Pinterest and footwear retailer Shoes.com are in the process of locating new search methods. By using the Pinterest visual search tool, you are able to draw a box around an image and locate the same items. There are items that once located by the visual search have the buy button, which enables you to buy the item online.
Pinterest’s system is able to understand images by drawing on the text. Other companies are using image search technology to augment the shopping experience and locating products with much ease. Amazon and Google have in the past launched applications that have helped in locating products. The head of visual search at Pintrest, Kevin Jing, believes that more deep learning is needed to make such applications more accurate.

Shoes.com has also embraced deep learning though they are using a different tactic of visual search. The enterprise is the first to use image-processing technology that targets retailers. It was developed by Sentient. Sentient is an artificial-intelligence startup that has been able to raise more than $143 million from investors. The firm is testing Sentient’s visual aid technology in its Canada based store.

Slyce Inc is a firm that deals with visual search and recognition services. Cameron Chell and Erica Racicot founded the firm, which is based in Toronto, Canada, in 2012. Slyce has been able to create a visual technology where users can locate and shop for products using images. The application comes is web and mobile version.

The company has a universal scanner, which is one of the accurate visual recognition technologies currently available. The technology has been able to integrate various features from Slyces’ other competitors to create a single solution. The Universal scanner effortlessly handles images, QR codes and coupons.

By clicking on the visual filter button, a grid that has 12 images pops up. The grid has a collection of different styles from the shoe catalogues. Once you select the one that is similar to the shoe you want, the grid will show you eleven more shoes that are similar to the one you want. The additional feature shows how the software makes online shopping efficient.

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