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Why Choose Purina Pro Plan Cat Food?

Your cat is part of your family, and anyone who has ever loved a cat knows exactly what we’re talking about. With every hunting game, every purr and nuzzle they weave their way into our hearts. They become part of our families and we want them to live long and full lives alongside us. They give us love and companionship that makes our lives fuller just because they are in it. You want your cat to thrive and to do that they need the very best nutrition. That’s why cat lovers everywhere are choosing Purina Pro Plan cat food.
Cats are natural-born hunters and in the wild would live mostly on small rodents like mice. Because of this meat should be the primary staple of their diets. They need food that is nutrient-rich and high-quality to help keep them lean and flexible. The makers of Purina Pro Plan had this in mind when they formulated their cat foods with high-quality protein as the #1 ingredient. There are NO artificial colors or preservatives, and NO corn or wheat. They also include the fats and Omega fatty acids necessary to keep your cat healthy and strong. Purina Pro Plan cat food is “nutrition that performs” and brings out the best in your cat.

You want to give your cat the best, and the advanced nutrition of Purina Pro Plan helps you to do just that. Purina Pro Plan cat foods are formulated by veterinarians and made by people who care about making quality foods for your cat. They know that you need more than an ordinary cat food to feed your extraordinary cat. These are just a few of the reasons so many veterinarians are recommending Purina Pro Plan cat food. Purina Pro Plan cat food will bring out the true nature of your cat.

For more information on new Purina options you can give your cat, visit the Purina Newscenter!

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