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About Agera Energy

With growing demand, many private companies have been established to address the increasing needs in society. Agera Energy is one such growing retail companies that are exclusively independent. The company deals in various services, among them, supplying electricity, oil and natural gas, energy and utilities and waste treatment.

Location and personal details

Agera energy is located at 555 Pleasantville Rd. S-107, Briarcliff Manor, New York, 10510, United States. Perhaps, someone could be interested in any of their services but fails to get a means through which he or she can reach them. The following are details that are useful about the company:

Website: www.ageraenergy.com

Phone: (844) 692-4372

Fax: (888) 277-2380


The company offers quality services and has no restrictions as to who receives them. Its services are open to anyone who is within the United States. Whether you run a small business, a residential or you are a customer dealing in large commercial and industrial fields, your needs are well addressed.

Agera Energy boasts of top-notch sales stuff and well-trained customer service representatives who, in turn, offer quality and affordable first-class services to all its clients.

Agera Energy on Facebook

Their Facebook page provides a basis of testimonies given by the company’s previous clients. In case of any technicalities, various needs can be addressed by reaching this Facebook page using the link https://m.facebook.com/AgeraEnergy/?-rdc=2&-rdr.

Alternatively, you can search their page once you have logged in to Facebook. The process is an easy one which only involves searching “Agera Energy or @AgeraEnergy.” The company can also be accessed through its Twitter handle.

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