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Whitney Wolfe Weds Fiance At Amalfi Coast

A Start To A New Chapter In Life

Whitney Wolfe has certainly led an exciting life, but now she plans on settling down with her husband. After her recent wedding at Amalfi Coast, it’s pretty clear that she wants to change course and focus on something new for her life. As the CEO of Bumble, she has already proven herself as one of the most prominent voices out there in the tech industry representing women, but she has decided she wants her own life.

Where She Plans On Going From Here

Whitney Wolfe has decided she wants to expand her company and make Bumble into a household name. With her previous experience working with other companies , it won’t take much for her to make a big deal out of what she’s made. Millions are already using Bumble and they seem to be satisfied with the experience and what it entails. There are others who would like to see more out of Bumble. The app has fostered one of the most pro feminist online cultures out there, but there is a need to create so much more than that.

A Trend Among Female CEOs

Female CEOs are having a hard time being taken seriously in the world of tech and software. However, Whitney Wolfe has had no problem getting taken seriously by the leaders of the tech industry. Her work at Bumble remains praised by all who see it as an example of what a good tech startup looks like. She’s even managed to take her success with Bumble and move into the world of social media. The Bumble BFF app takes all the fun of online dating and puts it into a format that many people can actually relate to.

Making A Difference

Whitney Wolfe has certainly made a name for herself with the foundation she’s built with her business. Bumble is going to leave a mark on the tech industry and open up doors for women in the business world. It’s only a matter of finding a way to make sure it happens as soon as possible. With her new marriage, Whitney Wolfe is going to have a new perspective on life. This may very well change the way she conducts her business. As a new chapter begins, a new way of thinking is surely going to follow in its wake.

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