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Whitney Wolfe Herd is Leading the Way in Technology Apps for Social Media

Whitney Wolfe Herd is raising the stakes when it comes to creating a better dating app. It may not have been her intention to set the bar so high with the dating app that she created, but this is definitely what she has done with Bumble. Whitney Wolfe Herd has created a dating environment where people are excited about what she is doing.

The fact that women gets the chance to make the first move is another thing that makes this app popular. The most important thing for this dating app, however, is that people get the chance to see real action from the people that are part of this dating app community. When a notification goes out that a match has been made there’s only a 24-hour period for the woman to make the move. This is something that is new and innovative, and many app developers with dating apps wish that they would have thought of this before Whitney Wolfe Herd.

what Whitney Wolfe Herd has done is actually make people mindful of their accounts. So many people that sign up for dating apps will build a profile and check out other singles that are on these dating apps and quickly lose interest if they don’t get a match within the first couple days. Their profile may become dormant and they never even check to see who is possibly matching with them. This is not the case with Bumble. It is a completely different app that goes about bringing couples together in a completely different way and more

What Whitney Wolfe Herd set in place is the 24 hour where someone has to say something. When a match has been made the woman has to make an effort to say something to the man in order to keep this match open. If she does this the match goes away within the 24 hour period.

Wolfe has made it possible for more people to date, network and build friendships all under one app. Whitney is taking people to a new level with this Austin based dating app. It is very popular, and it shows the social media community is evolving. She is one of the first females to lead in the dating app industry, and she shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, more than 80% of the staff at Bumble is female. That makes it possible for even more women to advance in technology.

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