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White Shark Media, an online Adwords Company, Successfully Turns Complaints Into Positve Concepts

Shark Media is a progressive and innovative company that cares about its clients and is always open to improving the experience that they have with White Shark. Like any other business, White Shark has received occasional complaints, but unlike most businesses, they took the complaints and turned them into a positive experience for the client and the company. With the problem solved, they avoid running into the same situation again.

Turning a Negative Comment into a Positive Experience

White Shark is proud to be an expert in Adwords and in individual customer service. They are personally involved in the production and results of each client and here are five complaints that the team at White Shark turned around to become a helpful positive change for the clients.

1) The complaint originally stated that the client did not feel there was enough communication between the White Shark contact person and the client. In the past, if the client needed their contact person, they had to go through a receptionist. White Shark found several ways to improve communication.
a) White Shark made communication between the client and SEM Strategist with meetings on GoToMeeting. This method has been in place for several years now and receives accolades from the older clients who remember the old method.
b) Another communication improvement was allowing the client to dial directly to their agent’s or contact person’s extensions.

2) Clients asked for SEO services, and White Shark now offers SEO strategy reviews for all clients who have accounts. This allows all aspects of the account to be focused into one account.

3) After I signed up, I found that the agent and I did not work well together. White Shark has now assigned a Senior SEM consultant to overview new accounts from initial sign-up to the optimization process for the purpose of maintaining client connection and satisfaction.

4) The client was not knowledgeable in the Adwords and could not follow their account, which is imperative. White Shark realizes how important this tracking is, so they developed in-house conversion tracking, call tracking and several Google Analytics free of charge. This makes Adwords much easier to evaluate.

5) Many customers are contacting me through the phone. This is now a mandatory service that White Shark Media provides for free through Marchex.

As you can see, White Shark Media has used many of the suggestions and complaints to create positive tools that are used daily.

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