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Wengie’s preparation for school

Wengie outlines a number of late morning hacks that one can complete in an attempt to arrive to school in a timely manner. A morning drink gets Wengie’s day off to a strong start. She simply fills up her mug with water and lemon squeeze as a detox option. Lemon squeeze is her choice since it is simpler than having to cut up an actual lemon. As she brushes her teeth, Wengie makes certain that a motivational card is stationed by her mirror so as to get her in a positive mind set for her upcoming day at school. In addition, she keeps a timer nearby so that brushing time is a full couple of minutes to ensure all teeth are attended to.


Wengie uses multi-purpose make-up to shorten the time to get ready for school. She showers the night before and utilizes a dry shampoo along with her hair dryer to get her hair perfect. Wengie goes with a pony tail style so that it lasts for a couple of days versus having to go through the same drill the following day. Wengie keeps an emergency outfit at the ready that she would be comfortable wearing on any day of the week including a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and socks rolled up tightly in a strategic area in her closet. Wengie goes for a breakfast smoothie once dressed and ready to go. She prepares the fruit ahead of time and stores the zip lock bags of fruit in the freezer so they are ready to pour into the mixer for convenience.


Wengie prepares a sandwich the night before school and uses a piece of baking paper to separate her lettuce and tomato from the two slices of bread. Once she is ready to devour the sandwich, the baking paper is pulled from the sandwich. This keeps the bread from getting too soggy. Her backpack is filled the night of school as well. Wengie makes certain that she keeps a list of everything needed prior to departing for school. She posts the list at the front door so that she can view it prior to departure so nothing is missed.

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