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Wengie Shows us How to Have a Great Hair Day


Wengie always has gorgeous hair and she’s used to switching up her style! That’s because she’s full of lots of good ideas that she wants others to know about. In her latest video, Wengie shows us some of her favorite hair hacks.


The first hair hack that Wengie teaches us is that vitamins are essential for our hair. This is what helps our hair to grow, to look smooth, and to have that healthy shine. Wengie recommends that we take Omega3’s which are filled with good fatty acids, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C just to name a few. These vitamins are essential nutrients for hair.


Another hack from Wengie is in regards to our hairbrushes. Many of us forget to clean our hairbrushes and many of us don’t realize just how disgusting they can get! A great hack from Wengie is to tease out pieces of hair with a comb. Then clean with shampoo and a toothbrush. Afterward, rinse it off. Wengie also states that we can easily clean our brush in the shower. She notes that it’s important to clean the base of the brush because that’s where a lot of grime builds up. Cleaning a brush gets rid of oils and dead hair. It’s not healthy to brush with a hairbrush that has dead hair in it.


Wengie has a lot of good hair hacks that make our life simple. She has tried many methods for how to have a good hair day and has compiled the best ones in her hair hacks video.

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