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Wen By Chaz Dean Has Helped Thousands Of Women Around The World

Wen cleansing conditioners came out almost 20 years ago with the original product being the almond mint conditioner. There have been infomercials out there for just as long surrounding the product for its incredible effects on women’s hair. Even those with the driest hair have been shown to maintain full and silky hair by maintaining a Wen Cleansing Conditioner routine. What makes Wen products so effective is that they do not strip the hair of its natural oils like most other shampoos and conditioners.

Chaz Dean started becoming much more popular around 1999 when he started pushing his career into Hollywood. Chaz worked in Los Angeles and spent many years marketing his product while also working with celebrities that have endorsed the product themselves, such as Brooke Shields, Alyssa Milano, and Alanis Morissette. These are only a few of the celebrities that have endorsed the product over the years, among many other satisfied customers online.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners are still around today after more than a decade because of how successful they have shown to be. There are many great reviews on Twitter where women show off their results and the process they went through using the WEN hair care products throughout a week or a month. One popular review was posted on Bustle.com. A YouTube blogger did a week-long test of the product and then showed off a before and after. WEN Cleansing conditioners are not the cheapest products out there, but they come in bottles of 16 to 32 ounces for around 40 to 50 dollars. This is a bargain compared to products that can be found at the salon, which can be several times the cost for less than half the product. WEN products can be found at various online retailers, such as Sephora, Amazon, and even eBay.


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