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Watford FC Looking to Have Best Season Ever

Watford FC recently had an impressive victory over Cardiff to improve their overall record for the season. The team has now won 10 of its first 11 games during the season. It is now seventh in the Premier League and will be in position to reach the quarter finals of the FA Cup. Javi Garcia recently said that all of the players are coming together to help one another when playing each game. This has resulted in a couple of impressive performances by Gerard Deulofeu and Troy Denney. Deulofeu had a hat trick while Deeny had a league double. With these performances, Watford FC looks to continue having one of its best seasons in years.

One of the team’s best players Deulofeu had commented on the recent success of the season. He expressed satisfaction with the way the team is playing and how it is always competing in all of its games. Deulofeu is looking to have a great individual season and help Watford become one of the better teams in the league. With 40 points, Watford is among the top teams competing for the FA Cup late in the season.

The team’s success has certainly made owner Gino Pozzo very happy. He recently talked about the team during an interview. When talking during an interview, Pozzo was very passionate about the team and its current run of success. Gino comes from a long line of team owners. His father purchased the local club Udinese in 1986 and helped them become a championship team. Pozzo’s father Gianpaolo bought a second club known as Granada in 2009. Since the family took over the team, Gino became a very active owner and helped them remain as one of the top teams in the sport. Gino eventually purchased Watford and looks to continue his active approach to owning the team. Pozzo also said that he is committed to owning the team in order to take advantage of the potential of football in England.

Find out more about Gino Pozzo: https://www.watfordfc.com/club/contact-us

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