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Visual Search Start Ups Assisting eCommerce In Big Way

News In Visual Search Technologies

Can you believe that visual search technologies are taking off all around the world? This is a new global phenomena that is helping eCommerce grow in peoples’ lives. People, especially younger generations, were getting tired of having to go through lengthy searches in order to turn up quality results. Thanks to visual search technology, consumers are able to find what they want faster, so they can spend more time doing the things that they want to do with their time.

In a recent article by Live Mint, Anupama Pasumarthy tells her story of how tired she was of online shopping until she discovered visual search technology. She is a college aged person, in her graduate years, and she enjoys buying clothing and shoes. However, she had given up on online shopping because she was having trouble finding clothing in the right size. She claimed that the shoes would always be too small, and she also claimed that the clothing would be too large. There is no reason to keep buying online if the results are poor, so she started going back to the stores. This woman represents the type of people that most retailers aim to capture in their customer base. Live Mint’s article makes a claim that other consumers have experience the same type of problems that Ms. Anupama has went through.

This type of problem lead to the need for visual search technology in the eCommerce industry. Slyce has came up with a great solution. Their take on visual search actually employs a sophisticated technology to oversee the search process that is unlike what consumers are used to seeing. The technology bases its results on what images the user is able to capture from their smart phone or other device. In this way, the artificial technology gives users a closer match to what they are actually seeing in front of them.

The application from Slyce uses pictures generated from one of many sources. The user can take a picture of an actual object, which is often most convenient. The user could also use Slyce’s application to search for products based on pictures of picture, like an advertisement. It could also be a picture of a video, a QR code or a bar code.

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