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Vijay Eswaran is Making A Real Difference

Vijay Eswaran is the head of the Qi Group, a Malaysian company that is known for its commitment to social corporate responsibility and also for giving to charity in the name of the company. In fact, Vijay was named the most philanthropic businessperson in his region by Forbes Asia, and also he was named one of the top 25 richest in Malaysia by Forbes Malaysia. The Qi Group, his company, got its start by online entrepreneurship, and this company has its fingers in many pies online, including luxury products, services, and many other areas of business interest that the corporation feels it can contribute to.

Vijay has been renowned not only as a businessperson but also as an author. You’ll appreciate that he has written two books, most recently in 2008, about his business philosophy and thinking process. In the Sphere of Silence is about how he takes an hour of silence every morning, and he also discusses in this book some of his philosophy of management and business relations. This book is a fine look into the life of someone who has been known for his mentorship and responsibility programs, and it clearly shows as a testament to what makes business work.

Vijay is a rising star in Malaysian life, and he has clearly proven himself to be one of the best new business execs out there. His credibility is enhanced by his ability to be honest and to work for the greater good, both in the corporate world and beyond.

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