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Using Genucel to Decrease Winter Dryness

Winter is not a friend to your skin. The air becomes less humid and we have a natural tendency to drink fewer liquids. In addition, wind and indoor heat can cause the skin to lose moisture. All these factors can make your skin look wrinkled and leathery, which can make you look older than your years.

Fortunately, there are ways to increase the moisture in your skin. First of all, make a deliberate attempt to drink more water. Consider carrying a water bottle with you to remind you to drink more water. In addition, use a humidifier at home to increase the humidity that heat often takes away. Also, avoid using any skincare products that can be drying. For example, topical acne medications can be very drying to the skin. If acne is a condition you deal with, you should decrease or eliminate any topical treatments Fortunately, acne triggers are less prevalent in the winter so less medication may be needed.

According to accesswire.com, another thing you can do is to keep your skin covered when exposed to the cold. A physical barrier can prevent evaporation that wind and cold can cause.

Finally, use treatments that help return your skin to its youthful past A skincare line that can help your skin look more youthful are the Genucel products.

This company makes a variety of topical products to improve the appearance of aging skin. The first product is Plant Stem Cell Therapy. This product uses a special ingredient to help decrease puffiness. The next product is the Jawline treatment that helps to tighten the skin and improve the appearance of a double chin. Then there is the Eyelid treatment to take years off the eyes. Finally is Genucel XV for overall skin improvement. Regular use of these products can take years off your skin no matter what the weather. To know more about Genucel you can visit nutshellnutrition.com


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