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University President Is Breath of Fresh Air

In this age of employee bonuses that can exceed $1 million, it is refreshing to see that one man thinks his yearly salary is enough. Since late 2012, Santa Ono has been president of the University of Cincinnati. According to his contract, he is to receive a bonus each year of $200,000, but he has refused it each of the three years he was eligible.

This year he asked that it be divided between several different university and non-university programs. Ono specifically asked that $10,000 be given to the family of Cincinnati Police Officer, Sony Kim receive. Kim was recently killed in the line of duty.

Ono’s actions are in sharp contrast to employees with Merrill Lynch. In 2008, each of 700 employee received at least $1 million dollars in bonuses. They received these bonuses despite the company losing money.

According to Amen Clinic, Ono’s actions are also in contrast to William S. Simon. The CEO of WalMart received a $1.5 million performance bonus above his $11 million salary. Simon received his bonus even though WalMart had decreased sales, distressed stock prices and struggling employees barely above poverty level.

Ono certainly sets a positive example for leaders of all industries. He sets a positive example for all American men and women as he also declined an increase to his yearly salary.

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