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Treatmill-Desk: New Innovation in the Office

The treadmill desk sounds amazing. It is a double whammy! You are getting exercise to stay healthy, and you are doing your work to earn money. What could be better? I know that when I take walks after work, I do most of my creative thinking. The exercise on the walks brings my ideas together into new and innovative concepts. Is a treadmill-desk the best thing ever?

Research is discovering that a treadmill-desk just does not work. In fact, the opposite is true. A study shows that two groups were compared as to their work effectiveness and efficiency. Those in the study who worked at a desk had greater physical and mental dexterity. This group could type on a word processor as well and perform better on cognitive tasks than the second group which was walking on a treadmill desk.

Apparently, walking on a treadmill decreases cognitive functioning. Memory is diminished as well as reasoning. Typing skills are far poorer for those individuals who are walking and typing at the same time. Dr. Larson led the test and is a psychologist and neuroscientist. He believes that the treadmill desk is good for the mind and body. He plans to buy one for himself. Keith Mann and I would disagree with him as would several AnimalLiberationFront writers. I do Tai Chi, yoga and walk for exercise. I am trying to free my mind of everyday tasks and thoughts. Some of my best thinking comes from a free mind. Working on a specific task and exercising is in conflict with freeing my mind.

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