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Toyo-Setal President Maurício Mendonça Godoy Talks About Recent Developments In The Company

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is the President of Toyo-Setal. Recently, Godoy sat down to talk about recent developments in the company. Godoy also serves on the EPC Center of Excellence board. He is preparing a Toyo-Setal presentation on their involvement in different productivity and efficiency projects for the Construction Industry Institute in The United States. Godoy believes that the projects will make a huge difference. Join Linkedin to see Mauricio Mendonca Godoy’s full profile.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy says that Toyo-Setal is responsible for the gas treatment for the Cabiunas Terminal. Construction on the project has started. Maurício Mendonça Godoy says that there are multiple bids happening in regards to Petrobras. One bid is based on completing the Comperj hydrogen plant. There is another bid regarding Petrobras’ gas treatment plant. The third bid involves creating an ammonia unit for the fertilizer plant.

Godoy says that the merger between Setal and Toyo has been smooth. Godoy says that the merger between Setal and Toyo will involve several industries, including mining, chemical, as well as oil and gas. Godoy believes that the market will continue to get stronger over time. Godoy says that Toyo-Setal is looking to expand into some new markets, such as the chemical industry. Toyo-Setal is having dialogue with different companies, including MMX and Vale.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy says that the company’s primary focus is Brazil. However, they will analyze every individual opportunity as it arises. Godoy says that there are several large investment projects happening in the future, especially in the water treatment area. Godoy notes that some Toyo employees moved from Japan to Brazil. Godoy believes that the additions will help the company complete projects in an efficient manner. Godoy also mentioned that Petrobras has chosen Toyo-Setal to complete the Nitrogen Fertilizer Unit project in Uberaba, Minas Gerais. The Mayor of Uberaba, Paulo Piau, is excited to hear that Toyo-Setal will oversee the project.

For more information about Mauricio Mendonca Godoy, visit https://www.crunchbase.com/person/maur%C3%ADcio-mendon%C3%A7a-godoy

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