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Todd Lubar Is Making Changes In The World

There are no easy ways to be successful in business. The people who are successful are the ones who worked hard to get there. For every person who has become successful in business, they did so differently from one another. There are a number of different variables that all play into how someone goes about becoming successful.

One person who knows all too well about becoming successful and doing it in a not so easy manner is Todd Lubar. The graduate from Syracuse University majored in speech communication which would help him get to where he is today. All of the skills that they taught him in school, they were used to help him within business deals.

Throughout his life in business, Todd has learned a thing or two which led him to becoming the president of TDL Ventures. It is here that he is making a difference by teaching other individuals about what it takes to be successful in business and marketing. Upon graduating from Syracuse University, Todd was recruited by Crestar Mortgage Corp. It was during this time period that he would be successful and at the top of his career. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Shortly after this period, Todd Lubar would transfer to Legacy Financial out of Arlington, Texas. While working for Legacy, Todd helped to grow the offices in Maryland which would lead to several hundred million being made each year for that area. Check out his about.me page

During the year 2005, Todd Lubar was brought in to take a position with Charter Funding. He became the senior vice president of the corporate division. When it comes to a job position where Todd has been his best and has been the most successful in, it would be his position with Charter. Todd holds a number of companies in the business sector and even though he has not always succeeded, Todd knew that he would have to keep trying if he wanted to reach his full potential.

Being involved with credit and finance for more than 20 years, Todd Lubar says his favorite position or job of all time is, helping others by giving them the assistance they need to become fully independent.

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