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Tips towards appraisal of women in the workplace by Smita Shah

In this article, Smita Shah talks about significant challenges facing women in their workplaces. Due to fewer women in the top leadership in the world, women tend to lack role models, and they end up in casual careers due to lack of confidence. Shah believes that for a woman to be successful, she has to develop the right self-image by gaining experience from other successful women. She notes that in many workplaces, the presence of women has been assumed due to lack of confidence to speak for themselves. Women are unlike men in many aspects, and they face unique problems. Its time women wake from their nightmare and take high positions in industries.
It’s not a fantasy to become a successful woman: To show that women are not the less fortunate in the community, Smita Shah brought out the
ideology that women own over 100 million businesses around the world. However, this number is small compared to companies owned by men, but this does not mean that women should give up on pursuing their dreams. Shah believes that all that is needed is the commitment, decision
making, and the ability to rise in power in an organization. Smita Shah provides free tips on how a woman can succeed in her career.

Tips from Shah:

First and foremost, women should believe in themselves. Smita Shah believes that past events, whether good or bad, should act as an experience in the current endeavors. Women should treat their small achievements with respect, the same as they manage their employee’s. Instead of
leaning on the positive traits taught in society, women should be diverse and try male characteristics when it comes to business. Shah recommends that sometimes they need to get dirty to oversee a successful business as a trait of dominance.
In the business world, Smita Shah advice women to present themselves in the best way possible. First impressions are important as they define the perceptions of people from the start and states how the future is going to be. According to Shah, a woman should be decent in the traditional
mode of dressing as currently, men get confused by typical dressing, and they fail to listen to you. She further advices women that they should concentrate on fulfilling short-term goals rather than unrealistic dreams.

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More information about Smita Shah Smita Shah is a renowned mathematician with an education background in Engineering from major
universities. She is an expert in fields such as business and public speaking. Shah founded SPAAN Technologies, an enterprise that deals with the provision of alternative technical solutions to problems in significant programs. She is an advocate of empowerment of women through sectors
such as innovation, growth of businesses, and dedication to one’s career.

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