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Things You Should Never Say On A Job Interview

This past week there was a lot of attention paid to things you should never say when you go on a job interview. This popular Twitter topic focused on some funny things you should never divulge such as “I am a cannibal” but there are also some more serious, important factors you should never speak about when you are on your first interview at a company.  Handy compiled some of these which include:

-What is your vacation policy? While it is important to find out what kind of time off you will be given, you might want to wait until your second or third interview to bring up this topic. It might sound innocent enough but making it seem like you are more concerned with your time off than your potential job can make a wrong impression.

-Apologizing for being late. In short, make sure you are never late for an
You have management waiting for you to come in when you are going to be interviewing with them and no matter how good you think your excuse is, it probably isn’t going to be good enough for the person interviewing you.

-Never answer your phone or ask if it is ok to answer your phone. Unless you know there is some crucial family emergency going on at the time, answering your phone is probably one of the worst things you can do. This shows your potential employer where your priorities are, and they obviously aren’t with your prospective job.

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