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The Supreme Court Is About To Take On The Confederate License Plate Issue


The Issue Is The Free-Speech Rights Of Individuals That Want A Special Message On A Government Issued License Plate

The Civil War will never be over in the minds of some Americans. The battle created a void in the lives of millions of people, and some people still want to recognize that void in some way. In the South, the Confederate Flag represents more than the void. The flag is a symbol of heritage, of beliefs, and of valor. The southern states are no longer just southern states, however. Yankees and Westerners live and work in the South and have no idea how important the symbol of the Confederacy is to some of their neighbors.

Bernardo Chua noted on YouTube that the newcomers to the south say these nostalgic bleeding hearts need to get over it. The Supreme Court may say that too if the court rules in favor of a Texas man that wants his license plate to have the Sons of Confederate Veterans insignia stamped on it. Other requests for special plates have been approved by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board, but the request for the Confederate Flag insignia stimulated a number of negative comments from citizens.

Some Texans called the ban on that particular insignia discrimination, and others called it a vote to fight racism and slavery. The big question in the minds of the people opposing the plates is, no one knows if the message is from the individual or the state that issues the plate. A lot of people say the message is wrong no matter who is sending it.

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