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The Success Of Vinod Gupta As An Entrepreneur

Vinod Gupta is a successful business person who has managed to get national recognition because of his business activities and philanthropy. Vinod Gupta relates his excellence business to a void that he found in the market and which he filled perfectly. After completing his university education at the University of Nebraska, Gupta was employed by a marketing company. He was given the task of compiling a list of all businesses in the United States that were interested in the products that his company was making.


When Vinod Gupta set out to create this list, he realized that there was nowhere such information existed. He had to come up with a fresh list. After he completed the list, he took a loan of $100 from a bank to make direct mailing marketing to potential businesses that would be interested in using his list. After marketing, he started receiving orders something that made him realize that the idea was noble and would turn out to be a successful business. He turned the idea into a company that he named as American Business Information.


This company compiled business information until Google and GPS became an alternative. Vinod Gupta, however, adopted the new technologies as they happened and at the end, he had managed to build a highly successful business that he sold for $680 million in 2010. At the time, the company was known as InfoGroup.


Vinod Gupta has been doing a great job in philanthropy. He is passionate about education and has been supporting such initiatives with millions of dollars every year. He has supported the growth of the education system in India, his native country since he sees education as the only way that the poor can open their chances of succeeding in life. He has built a girl’s school in his village as well as two schools in his alma mater. These initiatives are aimed at helping the underprivileged in society to enjoy better opportunities. See This Page for more information.


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