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The Success Of S’well


There are large challenges to overcome when starting a business. Where do you get the capital? Who do you learn from? It is this second question that Sarah Kauss, the founder of S’well, says is most important. In a recent LinkedIn article, she explains that networking with other business owners is the quickest way to find success.

Kauss was introduced through a female entrepreneur to a program that specializes in finding and helping women achieve their dreams. She learned that having the right team of workers behind you, is as important as your business model. The group Entrepreneurial Winning Women opened her eyes to things she never previously understood.

You must be able to have fun. Focusing solely on work is unhealthy. Learning to balance your work and home life will make both that much more rewarding. Through discipline and determination, all things are possible. Things were never meant to be easy, but by tackling challenges as they come, a thriving business is well within reach.

Underestimating the importance of working with others can be detrimental to growth. Finding a network of business associates and friends helped Kauss and her business to reach new heights. Without them, S’well wouldn’t be what it is today.

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