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The Success of Advertising Industry in Brazil

Advertising in Brazil has evolved into a complex form of marketing, with literally thousands of different ways that companies use to send a message to the consumer. If you didn’t know, Brazil enjoys an international reputation for producing some of the most creative advertisements. Ask any professional in the world Brazil they will tell you that they associate Brazil with innovative print ads, digital ads and commercials.

The country’s creative revolution started in the late 1980s. Today, they have different styles of creative advertising. You will find Brazilians admiring and liking different styles of advertising especially when they are entertaining. Unlike in the United States, their various styles of advertising are accepted and tolerated. The country has created an environment in which their advertising stars are respected people.

Unlike other countries that restrict places of Advertising, in Brazil advertising is everywhere. You will find advertisements on billboards, television, newspapers and magazines, electronic media and in the streets. Sporting events are extremely popular, and along with soap operas provide some of the most desired platforms for advertising.
Producers of adverts, as well as the models who appear in these adverts, have achieved celebrity status. You will find some of the most read gossip magazines reporting on the private lives of advertising models or producers, adding to their celebrity status. Advertising in Brazil has left a bad experience to some people. For example, in 2002, a well-known advertising executive was kidnapped and held for two months. The regard people have towards advertising, its public acceptance, and the celebrity status advertising models enjoy provides a good setting for Brazilian advertising agenda.

Nowadays Brazilian advertisement agencies include two major types. The first category comprises of several well-known multi-agencies whose strong presence in Brazil has been felt by many people. The second category comprises of a small number of extraordinary successful agencies. Some of these small agencies grew up in the last two decades, and they enjoy a good reputation as some of the most creative agencies in Brazil.

One of the leading Brazilian advertising agencies that we can’t go without mentioning is the Heads Propaganda. This agency is one of the Brazilian largest advertising agencies having been the business for over 25 years. The brain behind Heads Propaganda is a Brazilian gentleman by the name Claudio Loureiro. This guy is known for his exploits and success in advertising and businessman. Claudio Loureiro has remained active in trying to come up with new advertising innovations. He is a strong believer in different advertising styles as a cornerstone for continued business growth.

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