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The Steady Progression of Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the Chief Executive Officer for The Custom Companies, Inc. His career covers a wide range of experience including logistics and transportation. In 1976, Perry Mandera embarked on his career and has been servicing Illinois and other parts of the country since. While in the Marines, Mandera gained experience dealing with transportation of troops and necessary supplies. Through this service he saw the important role that shipping services play on a global scale. While still a marine, Perry made up his mind that his career would be in the same industry because he had emotional relationships with his troops.

After his term ended in the Marines, he returned to life as a civilian and ran for office during 1984. As a result, Perry Mandera was elected Republican Committeeman for the 26th Ward of Chicago. This was a history-making moment as he was the youngest person in Chicago to ever serve on the committee. Through his line of the chosen work it is evident that Mandera has a soft spot in his heart for charitable efforts.

In addition to donating to charities, he also fundraises annually and is on the constant search for people to help. The level of humanitarianism he shows has made him a well respected person throughout his community. Bringing his ideas to life is a vital part of his everyday. To do this, Perry states that he has roundtable discussions with his executives to cook up concepts and execute visions.

The trend of advancing technology also is a key component in what he does. Mandera expresses that things become vintage and outdated fast, so it is vital to keep up with technology because it is indeed the future (Facebook).

Daily habits are the steppingstones to success is what Perry Mandera believes. He feels that doing things right the first time can alleviate energy towards fixing problems.

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