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The Real Estate Force that is Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is the CEO of The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. He founded the company in 2007. Vertucci has built a name for himself in the real estate industry. He currently also runs the Real Estate Academy where he shares and teaches from his experience and knowledge.


Humble Beginnings


Nick started his career selling computer parts. He was introduced to real estate workshop by a friend. It was here that he developed a passion for real estate. Resilience and consistency are two critical things that have gotten Nick to where he is today. He continued to learn and hone his knowledge in real estate. It took 10 years before he started seeing major success in the field. He vowed to teach his system to others so that they could get out of debt and make money. His ultimate goal is to help people invest in their future.


The Nick Vertucci Philosophy


Nick lives by several philosophies through which he has transformed his own life, and continues to transform the lives of others. He believes that though it is hard to change your past, your future is very much in your hands. His other philosophy is sharing knowledge with others so that their financial status can be improved.


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy


Nick’s real estate company was founded in 2013. It aims to educate individuals on investing with a special focus on one of Nick’s specialties: flipping homes. The academy hosts seminars and events all over the country. Information on workshop schedules is provided and regularly updated on Vertucci’s website. You can also register for a free workshop before paying any money to quell any doubts you might be having.



The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy


The Academy focuses on a system composed of three steps. The first is Get In. Here students learn how to find the best deals on real estate and buy them at the lowest price. The aim is to buy low and sell high to maximize returns. Second is Get Out where the flipping process begins. The houses are prepared for flipping, and different approaches are covered including wholesaling, rehabbing and renting. Last is the flip process dubbed Get Paid. This is where the checks are cashed in, and profits realized.


Nick is an experienced real estate professional who has a passion for helping people. His workshops are available countrywide and are suitable for anyone looking to change their financial future.

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