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The Public Wants Impossible Burger, The OSI Group Is Going to Bring it to Them

A growing number of customers want a real alternative to the burgers they get from their favorite fast-food restaurants. It’s an option rooted in nutritional concerns as well as the health of the environment. Impossible Foods is a company trying to corner this market, but the call for their product has exceeded their ability to produce. That’s why they turned to the OSI Group for help.

Otto Kolschowsky what is native Germany for Oak Park, Illinois. 1909, begin a family business, a small butcher shop named Otto & Sons. By 1955 they were a sizable, but mostly local, business that attracted the attention of McDonald’s. As the sole meat supplier to the soon-to-be fast food giant, they too grew in two an international player with a new name, the OSI Group.

Markets change slowly, but that may not hold this time. The Impossible Burger offers a popular alternative to what’s being offered by the food industry. But why is it popular?

Since 2016, when it was first available, the Impossible Burger has had its recipe tweaked to make the best product possible. Impossible Foods wanted a plant-based patty that was identical in taste, look, and feel to it’s all-beef counterpart. Once that was achieved, they wanted to provide incentives to meet-eaters and plant eaters alike.

The Impossible Burger was designed to maximize nutritional content. Ground beef has a certain amount of calories, fat, the protein. Impossible Foods designed a plant-based patty with less fat, fewer calories, but more protein. When comparing this patty to one made of beef that is the same size, the Impossible Burger is the more nutritious option between the two.

Then there are the ecological considerations. Impossible Foods wanted nothing to do with livestock, I just wanted to provide a greener option. Their Patty is made with 25% of the water, 5% of the land, and 13% of the carbon emissions that goes into producing beef patties.

All of these factors provide attractive alternative to vegans, vegetarians, and people not wanting to contribute to waste and pollution.

So why is the OSI Group needed?

While three years of revenue and positive news coverage led to a couple production sites in California, isn’t enough to satisfy their growing customer base. So the OSI Group is stepping up to help out with production. Together it’s expected that the Impossible Burger will be made available to 17,000 businesses before the end of 2019.

About OSI Group: www.inc.com/profile/osi-group

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