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The New CEO of Coriant; Shaygan Kheradpir


In its strive to achieve the next level of development, Coriant has appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as its new chief executive officer and also the chairperson of the board. The company is very confident as Shaygan is all known for his intelligence and super leading qualities. Shaygan brought into Coriant and experience gained over the last couple of Years. The Company is, therefore, to make a step forward towards attaining of the company’s goals and objectives. Shaygan is well conversant with telecoms, technological advancement and also financial enterprises.

In the digitalized world where communications are transmitted quite fast, he contributes vastly on both the large firms and the operator’s side. Shaygan began his career by being appointed the executive vice president and chief information officer at GTE. He was actively involved in the executive team which worked on bringing significant changes; a good example being the Fios program; one of the greatest infrastructure program in the US which had a capital investment of $20 billion. He has also worked with Barclay Bank as a technology officer, and this boosts his knowledge and increases his likelihood of achieving technologically.

Shaygan also had a post as a CEO in Jupiter Networks which though it did not last for more than a year; he came up with a restored operations plan which encouraged activist investors. Shaygan achieved this by reducing the costs incurred by the investors and giving back the capital to shareholders. By doing this, he appeased the investors and boosted their entrepreneurial confidence, and this resulted in development. Coriant is optimistic that Shaygan will play a great role towards the implementation of its growth and development strategies.

Shaygan says that was attracted him to Coriant were the large enterprises with broad data connections and a vast number of customers. He says that with improved technological advancement and innovations networks, he will be able to create cost-free networking solutions with the highest degree of programming, automation and also service strength. The company is honored to have an executive such as Shaygan, and the company is much confident that he can steer Coriant to the next level. He will alaso inspire theconfidence of the board of directors, clients and most importantl the employees. Shaygan will definitely be a uniting factor and all stakeholders can rally to the future.

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