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The Magic Of ClassDojo

It is very important for parents to have a respectful relationship with their children’s teachers. Teachers see and interact with their children the majority of the day, so it vital that parents are able to talk to them about the academic success of the student. Traditionally, parents and teachers only interact during parent- teacher conferences. These events only happen once a year and they barely talk about everything regarding the student. Now, there is a way for parents and teachers to communicate that allows parents to know how their children are doing, during the day. The technology of the current time has allowed classrooms and household to work together in order for student to succeed. With mobile applications, parents can be in the classroom with their children. The mobile application we are discussing is ClassDojo.  Check this and read related posts.


ClassDojo is mobile application that connects parent and teacher, creating a positive culture between schools and classrooms. ClassDojo’s main objective is to create a community of caring parents and teachers, to ensure the academic success of the student. Parents can communicate with teachers anytime during the day with ClassDojo. Parents will never have to worry about their child during the day with ClassDojo. The mobile application allows parents, teachers, and students to share videos, photos, and messages.  Based on angel.co.


ClassDojo is used by 90% of the K-8 schools in the United States. The mobile App is also used in 180 countries. In 2011, ClassDojo received the Education Innovation Award. The startup also received the Innovation By Design Award, the Crunchie Award for Best Education Startup, the 35 Most innovative Apps of the Year Award, and 30 Under 30 for Education. The mobile application is translated in over 35 languages. ClassDojo is doing amazing things within the education world. They are changing the way teachers interact with their students.


Click this https://techcrunch.com/2016/04/15/classdojo-raises-21-million-for-app-to-make-parent-teacher-meetings-obsolete/

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