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The Lovaganza Getting Ready To Launch For 2020

After much anticipation and planning set in motion, the Lovaganza is officially set to go in 2020. While it is five years later than the original plan of 2016, the leaders of this project are doing so because they anticipate having better cinematic and stage technology available to make the viewer experience even better. Known as a “Bohemian Adventure” that spans across the world, the Lovaganza is going to hit 8 countries simultaneously when the celebration starts. While a lot specifically of what the Lovaganza will showcase is unknown, it will have traveling shows that hit the road in 2017, and feature films that will give the audience a sneak preview.

Lovaganza basically has several goals in mind with the celebration. The first is to expose as many people as possible to all the cultures of the world under one showcase. Lovaganza wants to take its audience to a deep look at different national cultures to see what their arts and special entertainment look like. The hope is to give people an appreciation of what different nationalities do and foster more tolerance and openness towards them.

Secondly, Lovaganza wants to promote more world peace and awareness of the natural environments around the world on Design Ideas. The event is certainly humanitarian in its endeavors and seeks to unify people in the goals for a peaceful, and safer world. And the event also aims to showcase how important each culture’s faith and religion is in the grand scheme of things, and to show that one’s faith is how perseverance is kept through hard times.

Some new state-of-the-art technology is set to be used when the films are going to be shown. This technology is a glassless 3D display that will be shown through what’s called Immerscope. The audience will be treated to HD action and a viewing experience unlike any ever seen before. The movies of Lovaganza are set to be filmed all over Europe from the small country towns to the booming metropolis’s, and will also be filmed in Mumbai, India, and the US in the Mojave Desert of California.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://j-scott.com/lovaganza/

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

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