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The Litigation System In Brazil

The law system in some countries is the most challenging sector, and ways of dealing with it have not yet been formulated. In some countries, there are rows and rows of shelve stacked with paperwork all waiting to be attended to. That’s not it yet; another paperwork is stacked on the floor in between shelves of judicial offices. It is a trove of documents. Some cases, mostly the convoluted ones take even more than ten years with citizens waiting long for justice while the simple cases take at least three to five years to get resolved and maybe longer. Others even die or age in the process of waiting for their cases to be adjudicated. It’s so sad to have such a scenario since justice delayed is justice denied, and this calls for the government to take quick action to curb further cases on the same.

As for Brazil, the case is opposite. The country is flocking with lawyers, and their judicial system is structured in a way that it deals with justice accordingly. The country’s 1988 Constitution formulated several rights, and its citizens recognized that they could litigate them making justice an easy process for advocates and their clients. Lawyers in Brazil are also competent people with full of experience since they undergo a strict series of exams before enacting any form of legal practice such as providing written advice, appearing in court, or drafting legal advice. After graduating from high school, a student must undergo studies in a law school, get a pass in the bar examination and finally get certified by the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (AOB).

After approval by the AOB, Brazilian lawyers are required to abide by the set ethical and disciplinary rules stipulated by the OAB Code of Ethics and Discipline. Such rules comprise but are not restricted to the responsibility to perform duties independently with transparency. Law graduates are not limited from following other legal career paths. The graduates can choose to pursue other public careers such as being judges, federal government attorneys, and public legal defenders among others.

Among the most profound and notable lawyers in the country is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Brazil has outstanding lawyers, and Mr. Tosto is among those who have made it successfully in the country’s legal system. He is an authentic guru in the incorporation of various legal mechanisms that have usually been used in the Brazilian legal society. Mr. Tosto has gained respect for being a prominent lawyer in defending public personalities, well-known companies as well as the government. He is also astute at providing legal services for prominent entities and corporations, politicians with varying ideologies not forgetting the government. Mr. Tosto owns a legal firm that is one of the largest in Brazil and offers various sterling services to its clients.

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