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The K-Cup Inventor Regrets His Invention

The inventor of the K-cup, the coffee machines that brew a single serving of coffee by stocking a pod inside, says thathe regrets his invention.

The pod-like technology was created by John Sylvan. People at Anastasia Date have heard that he says that he regrets making the devices due to the amount of waste it creates. A symbol of the wasteful American economy, K-cups can only be used once. That means that whole a traditional bag of coffee might produce a single small bag of garbage (which arguably could be reused and not thrown away at all) the K-cup produces an entire garbage can’s worth of trash.

Sylva created the K-cup system in the 90s. He sold his stake in the technology in 1997 for just $50,000 and says that he doesn’t actually own one of the machines himself because they’re so wasteful. While people want the connivence of a single-serve system, they don’t take into account what that delivery system is doing to the environment.

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