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The Importance of Marketing and The Time Limit Of Business

Flavio Maluf as an entrepreneur knows what it takes to open a successful business. There is one very huge aspect of business. This part is marketing. One is not going to be able to expect people to automatically visit a business location. It does not matter how well built the company is or how amazing the logo looks. Marketing is needed in order to attract the customers. One of the reasons behind this is that people need to know what a business is going to offer. Therefore, they are not going to just walk into a shop just by looking at it. This is especially the case if the name gives no suggestion as to what is offered.


With marketing, the entrepreneur can actually send out more information about the business to people. People will get a better glimpse of the company and what it has to offer. If they like what they see, then they will visit the nearest location. Afterwards, all the entrepreneur has to do is present excellent service to the customer and answer any questions about products whenever applicable. In order to succeed, the entrepreneur has to build a good reputation and a good relationship with his customers.


All of this does not happen over night. Successful entrepreneur Flavio Maluf himself has stated that it takes an average of 107 days to open a company in Brazil. This is a huge difference from the average waiting time of 5 days in the United States. Another thing that Flavio Maluf understands is that innovation is not necessary to open up a business. For one thing, there are many similar businesses that are open and competing with each other. There is one advantage that innovation offers. This is the novelty of the business and what is offered to the customers. https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3

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