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The Highly Admired Author – Jim Toner

As an admired real estate expert and acclaimed author, Jim Toner is a success story who has hatched many million-dollar companies in the entrepreneurial sphere. Jim Toner is savvy about what it takes to be a success story in today’s world if business. As an author, Jim Toner has covered topics like how to invest in real estate to succeed, not fail. Toner’s books provide education about how to run a successful — and most importantly — a profitable business by following his principles and other key entrepreneurial mantras.

Jim Toner has worked with entrepreneurs and businesspeople like Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann, Frank McKinney, and those from the Napolean Hill Foundation. Jim Toner is recognized for his investing opinions that he has published in newspapers and national magazines. Jim Toner’s finance and investment methods regarding the real estate business are advanced because they are new to new investors.

Toner’s specific guidance and explicit methods are helpful for anyone pining to utilize real estate investments to ensure a secure financial future. Toner has been a special business-related guest on TV channels like CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, NBC, and others.

Jim is a philanthropist who has been recognized nationally for supporting causes regarding the homeless and veteran’s groups. Toner is also an active member of Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation. Jim Toner is also part of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Salvation Army branch as Advisory Board Chair.

Jim Toner works with coaching groups and some Private Client Groups — both of them both have waiting lists. Toner does accept clients for private coaching concerning entrepreneurial issues, business issues, and an investment in real estate.

Jim Toner’s business mantra is to help individuals who want to become successful business people. Whether it is building or designing a marketing system to fruition, Toner wants to guide people with his books about investing smartly in real estate.

Jim Toner notes about the craft of investing and some best practices by writing his book,The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder. By writing his book, Toner knows that future investors who are in need of a strategy to gain wealth will get this book.

Jim Toner has 20 plus years in the real estate sphere as it relates to investing and teaching thousands across America regarding how to pick the best options for success. Toner has been given the title of “Anti-Guru.” But, Toner has also created the “Band of Rebels,” which is a team made up of well-versed entrepreneurs with experience in the business sphere. Toner notes that “Band of Rebels” is a name, but also an attitude.


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