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The Fountain House Receives Funding Boost From Jeremy Goldstein’s Gala

Jeremy Goldstein is the CEO of Jeremy L. Goldstein @ Associates. The work that Goldstein has done at his law firm is largely focused on advising CEOS and corporations in executive compensation and other sensitive manners. Goldstein also operates as the chairman for the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. Despite his incredible list of accomplishments as a lawyer, Goldstein is probably more proud of his work on the board for the Fountain House charity. The Fountain House is a non-profit foundation that has been seeking to change the world’s perspective on mental health since its inception in 1944. Now, Goldstein is trying to raise money to support their honorable work by hosting a charity gala on May 21st in New York City.


Jeremy Goldstein will be hosting an amazing wine-dinner-gala at the Nomad Hotel Roofdeck from 6 PM to 10 PM on the 21st. The dinner is being titled, “Mental Illness: You Are Not ‘A Rhone” in celebration of Jim Finkel. The price of admission for this luxurious dinner will be $5,000 with that money going toward directly supporting the work that the Fountain House is setting out to do. With that being said, guests at the dinner will receive a truly incredible experience in return for their charitable donation. The dinner will be headlined by several amazing vintages of wine, including the presence of wine by E. Guigal. While the charity gala will focus on the prestigious dinner, we’d be remiss if we did not weigh in heavily on the work that the Fountain House is doing.


The Fountain House has been raising awareness for mental illness in order to try and alleviate the stigma that is attached to the concept. Despite how prevalent mental illness is in our society, people still react with immediate negativity when confronting the problem in a face-to-face manner. In partnership with the World Health Organization, the Fountain House is providing more than 500 people a clean and safe place to live. During their stay, the Fountain House provides structure for those struggling with their mental health. Guests at the Fountain House will be put on a track toward finding appropriate medical help, gainful employment, and a complete education. As you can see, the Fountain House is more than just an advocacy group. The Fountain House is working to fundamentally change the conversation surrounding mental illness forever.


While Jeremy Goldstein is more than proud of his work as an attorney, he definitely wants to be remembered for what he has helped to accomplish with the Fountain House. When Goldstein isn’t working with the Fountain House or presiding over work with his clients, he is spending his time writing from his own home on matters close to his heart.


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