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The Fountain House as Halfway House

Omar Khan, Jeremy Goldstein and Jim Finkel organized for a fountain house that included food and wine which was meant for relaxation of the mind. For a period time, it has been argued that the issue of mental illness is a human crisis of the present, this is according to the World Health Organization.

The effect of mental illness has affected millions of people which include the communities as well as the families. This illness affects people in their education to an extend that they cannot be able to complete their studies, affecting performance of someone in the job market, one cannot be able to manage his money well and lastly one is unable to even take care of his own life.

Fountain House was formed in order to correct this situation. This project has been working towards rehabilitation of persons struggling with this illness affects the mental capacity and has been in existence for more than ten decades.

It was format in the year 1944 by a group of six who had been struggling with mental illness to an extent that they were admitted to one of the hospitals in New York. After they recovered from the illness, they thought it necessary to come up with a program that will help people who are similar condition like they were in as they believed that they were not the only victims. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | American Conference and Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensh

Three years later, they had constructed their offices in New York City which was made possible with the support of their followers. This building was meant to enable clubhouse to be located in a permanent place without moving from one place to another. The name Fountain originated from an instance where a fountain was placed in that garden.

The main reason why Jeremy Goldstein formed the Fountain House was to initiate a recovery process among men and women who are struggling with this disease if the mind which is eventually denying them the opportunity to contribute to the support of the community by exploring their talents and also being able to deliver in their work places.

However, all these cannot be achieved without the help of the managerial team and directors where Jeremy Goldstein is a board member.

Jeremy Goldstein who is a board member of the Fountain House for the past 9 years he is one of the eye cons behind the success of this foundation. He is a lawyer by profession and has his own law firm.

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