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The Famous Jeremy Goldstein & His Successful Life

A vast majority of the time, when we think about the practice of lawyers, we think of somebody that committed a crime and hoped to spend a minimal amount of amount of time in jail, but lawyers are used for many different reasons. The famous lawyer Jeremy Goldstein mostly focused on different corporate acquisitions and mergers. Although, like most people, he has many other useful talents that’s helped him be successful in his career and his life.


Jeremy Goldstein is mostly known for being involved with the leading counsel in many of the largest acquisitions in history. Some examples being Alltel and Sears, but Goldstein is mostly proud of working alongside of J.P. Morgan Chase. And many large corporations want to work with Goldstein due to him being a successful specialist in his field. With his experience in commercial banking, managerial governance, and corporate finance they’d surely be at a great loss without his expertise.


Goldstein masters the challenges of making sure complex contracts are legally sound due to his decades of experience doing acquisitions. It’s crucial the contracts meet the spirit of a negotiated agreement because acquisitions often involve billions of dollars. Goldstein believes in the importance for his clients to reach agreements as soon as possible before anyone has any second thoughts or any other issues occur. Many CEOs have problems with making decisions while their company experiences major changes, Goldstein helps them by standing by their side. He also makes sure they choose the correct legal strategy. His proper governance also stops a company from getting any future lawsuits.


He’s also very unique from most attorneys. Most attorneys view client relationships as completely formal, while Goldstein believes that client-attorney relationships should be as informal as can be. One example being that he meets his clients at social events and dinner parties, while most lawyers meet their clients through public marketing channels and various referrals. He creates strong relationships with his clients by talking about personal lives, as well as business talk. This helps build trust, as well as confidence in the said business arrangement.


Jeremy Goldstein also involves himself with various charities. One in particular being Fountain House. Fountain house is a large contributor to helping out the less fortunate, as well as the mentally ill, in New York City and surrounding areas. Being an active member of the Fountain House board, he shows his loyalties by using his connections to help them fund their cause. And of May 21, 2019 Goldstein did exactly that by hosting a gala in New York City with an entry fee of $5,000 solely to help Fountain House gain the funds they need.


Jeremy Goldstein has made a successful career as a businessman, philanthropist, and of course an attorney. Presently, as an owner of his own firm, Goldstein has a ton of plans for the future. Looking into the future, he plans on continuing to scale his firm while diversifying into different areas in which his expertise is needed. He also plans to continue involving himself with charities, including Fountain House, for many years to come.


To learn more, read http://www.dougsandler.com/news/2019/8/7/jeremy-goldstein-new-york-lawyer-and-philanthropist.

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