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The Entrepreneurial Attributes of Mike Nierenberg

Mike Nierenberg is the President, Chairman, and CEO of New Residential Investment Corp. Under his leadership, the company has experienced massive growth and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. Before his current role, Mike served as the head and Managing Director of Global Mortgages. He was in charge of the sales department, and during his tenure, Mike Nierenberg advocated for innovation as the primary way of ensuring that the company remains on top. Thanks to his flexibility, he welcomed ideas from other employees on how they could make Global Mortgages better than they found it.


He is a selfless individual who is open to any new ideas. Besides, Mike Nierenberg has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. This has enabled him to pass over crucial information as to how he intends to run New Residential Investment Corp.

What the Stakeholders Think

Mike Nierenberg believes that customer satisfaction is the backbone upon which any successful business lies. That is why he has put up a team of like-minded individuals to ensure that the clients’ needs are fully met. All team players are marveled at how Mike Nierenberg runs the organization with maximum ease yet delivering results as required by the stakeholders.

Parting Shot

Mike Nierenberg is the perfect embodiment of an all-rounded entrepreneur. His vast experience in the industry has enabled him to interact with various goal-oriented individuals, and this is what keeps him going on. The success of New Residential Investment Corp can be attributed to Mike’s persistence and hard work in achieving above-standard results. We can only expect more from this brilliant entrepreneur. The future is luminous for Mike Nierenberg.

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