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The Diverse Life of Vijay Eswaran

Diversity is what spells success in the investing and business worlds. It helps to buffer against losses in portfolios, and aids to make a well rounded business person and atmosphere. Diversity is something that Vijay Eswaran knows well. His life experiences have taken him around the world only to end up back in his home region to start a highly successful marketing and sales company, QNET.

Vijay started life off in modest surroundings. His family moved a lot so putting down roots was not a part of his childhood. He went on to successfully complete a degree in socio-economics from the London Schools of Economics in 1984. After school he stayed in London for a spell working in various capacities from construction work to being a cabbie.

Not quite finished with his schooling, he moved to the state of Illinois in the United States. There he went to the Southern Illinois University for his studies in Business Administration. He received his MBA, with honors, in 1986. Another bout with odd jobs would eventually expose him to direct selling.

Finally, returning to his home nation, he founded a small company which has grown into the Q1 Group of companies in which QNET is a part of. He remains the founder and executive chairman of the group and Chief Executive Officer of QNET.

An innovative company that takes the precepts of both direct sales with e-commerce, QNET has risen to the top of the sales community. Not without its own level of rumors and controversy, QNET has stayed on top despite all efforts to debunk it.

Vijay Eswaran has not stopped with just being a successful business man. He is also a well known author of four best selling books. These books help others to understand the business realm and how to stay on top and be positive no matter the obstacles they face. Check out Vijay Eswaran’s LinkedIn.

These books have also led Mr. Eswaran to also be a vied after public and motivational speaker. Topics that he is most noted for include speaking about spirituality and business. He has spoke at his alma mater, as well as many different conferences concerning business.

He is also ell grounded in the area of helping non-profits. He was instrumental in founding the Rythm Foundation. He also works to help promote the empowerment of women, youth development programs, special education, and child mentoring.

His many accomplishments and business saavy has led to him also being named the Hero of Philanthropy in 2011 by Forbes Asia. Dedicated in the world of business and a doting and loving husband, Mr. Eswaran is truly an example of how the business world can work to change conditions for all around them and act responsibly.

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