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The Disappearing Middle Class

The American middle class is traditionally visualized as a smiling nuclear family standing in front of their big house and nice cars. However, the definition of the middle class is now changing due to the growing gap between the rich and poor. More Americans who previously identified themselves as middle class now assign themselves to a lower socio-economic level.

Researchers traditionally focused on raw income data to create statistical reports. However, researchers are now incorporating more subjective analysis techniques into their research. Instead of just looking at finances and education, some researchers are now asking people how they identify their class.

Not surprisingly, a recent Gallup survey revealed that roughly half of all Americans consider themselves to be now working or lower class. Experts believe that obvious financial inequality results into increased self-perception of class differences. That is, more and more people see themselves at the bottom of the American economy, which still promises wealth and prosperity to anyone who simply works hard and plays by the rules.

More and more Americans are experiencing financial stress and it’s no surprise to users of Anastasia Date, with a gridlocked government that is controlled by corporations. In order to counterbalance this, Americans should become more civically involved and serious with their personal finances. Explore different financial tips through entertaining podcasts here: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance.

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