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The Brilliant Legacies of Peter Briger in School and the Industry

The legacy of Peter Briger will forever remain written on the walls of Princeton University for the significant contribution that he has made to the institution. As an alumnus of the institution of higher learning, Briger has maintained a close relationship with the entire fraternity of the university. All this has been through the supportive activities that he organizes, which are aimed at improving the standards of the campus. One of the activities in which Peter Briger participates is the fundraisers to contribute fund that is dedicated to the payment of education fees for the underprivileged students in the institution. This is an annual event that is held by all the alumni of the university with a common objective of creating a better learning environment for the generations that came after them.

After leaving the Princeton Campus in 1991, Peter Briger found it wise to pursue a master degree before he got to employment. He did this at the Wharton School of Business which is in the University of Pennsylvania. There, he was studying business administration as an art. Immediately after, Briger entered Goldman Sachs where he was recruited as a junior officer in the operations of the company. He was observed by the management, and within the first two years, they realized a huge potential that lied in him. He was promoted to become the head of the investment department, a position that he used to showcase his leadership abilities.

Peter Briger later joined the senior management team of Goldman Sachs, and as he worked towards the achievement of the organization’s objectives, the shareholders of the banking organization were impressed by the intelligence that he possessed, and they decided to partner with him in their investment. To date, Briger is a primary business partner of the Goldman Sachs.

In 2002, Peter Briger moved to Fortress Investment Group as the CEO, head of the credit and hedge funds’ sections. At Fortress, he was bestowed with responsibilities to transform the organization into a dream company to which the shareholders aspired. With the vast experience that Briger had acquired while working in the senior positions for his former reputable employer, he was able to make Fortress Group the current industry’s leader in investment.


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