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The Brilliant Eva Moskowitz of Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz is the CEO and founder of the best performing largest public charter school in New York, Success Academy Charter schools. Success Academy was founded in 2006, but today, it has a total of forty-six schools and has created employment for over one hundred teachers who are employed in the school. Eva Moskowitz has been a leader in education reform by offering parents an alternative to nonperforming schools, helping several children achieve their full academic potential.


Eva Moskowitz has served as the chair of the Education Committee of New York city council from 1999 to 2005 as well as the Faculty Seminar in American Studies chair from 1996 to 1999 at the Columbia University in New York City.


Eva Moskowitz recently communicated that success Academy is launching an online educational institute that will share a curriculum on professional development. Eva says that the main goal is to improve the American education system and to establish schools of high performance. The online platform is meant to market the school beyond New York even though there are currently no plans for expanding the school beyond New York. The school has developed a free portal that offers access to the teacher development strategies and school curriculum strategies that are implemented in Success Academy charter of schools.


According to Eva, the platform will offer a solution to the many students who are in schools that do not give them an opportunity to learn how to read and write at a basic level and to learn science and mathematical equations. This strategy is just one of the first steps of the country’s effort towards introducing all teachers in the country to the Success Academy mantra. Eva Moskowitz says that they are focusing on improving literacy and that is the primary purpose of the new website. Success Academy is certainly on the right track under Eva Moskowitz’s leadership.



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