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The Birth of the NBA

The National Basketball Association, better known as the NBA is the premier basketball association in the United States and the world. The NBA has 30 member clubs and the association is currently a member of USA Basketball. USA Basketball is recognized by FIBA, also known as the International Basketball Federation. The National Basketball Association is one of the four major North American sports leagues and the players of the NBA are some of the world’s best paid sportsmen. They determine this by average salary per player. Only men play in the NBA. There is a league for women in the United States.

The National Basketball Association was founded on June 6, 1946 n New York City. In 1946, it was named the Basketball Association of America. It wasn’t until August 3, 1949 that it was named the National Basketball Association. The named changed after the Basketball Association of America merged with the National Basketball League. The NBA is headquartered in New York City.

There are many teams that have won multiple championships. Every season each team on the east coast and on the west coast play each other to make it to the NBA Finals. Once one team on the east coast wins the Eastern Conference Championships and one team on the west coast wins Western Conference Championships, both teams will move on to play each other in the Finals. The NBA Finals are considered one of the most important parts of playing for the NBA for any player.

Team owners are responsible for hiring the right management and coaching crews for each team. Teams owners are also responsible for making crucial team decisions. Bruce Levenson was the team owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Bruce also served on the NBA Board of Governors as the Hawk’s Governors. Bruce Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 with a co-buyer. The Atlanta Hawks won four conference titles and one championship title. In addition to formerly owning the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson also co-founded the United Communications Group and he served as a founding board member on the Board of Directors of an IT company called TechTarget.

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